Craving Korean Cuisine Near Owings Park? Try Seoul Fusion in Owings Mills

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If you’re searching for a new fast-casual spot to add to your weekly rotation, check out Seoul Fusion. The restaurant just opened in July, serving up flavorful and fresh Korean-inspired cuisine. 

If you’re in a brunching mood, arrive when they open just before noon and grab one of the egg sandwiches. These delectable sandwiches combine unique flavors like teriyaki barbecue and garlic bacon with egg and it’s a real breakfast game-changer. 

Later in the day, the rice bowls are a perfect go-to. One of the most traditional Korean dishes is bibimbap. It has a rice base and is topped high with seasoned steak, veggies, and you must finish it off with a heaping dose of gochujang chili paste and kimchi for full effect. They also have salad bowls for those looking to avoid the carbs.

Grab a milk tea to complete your order; you won’t be disappointed!

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