Taste What Makes Fresh Bakery a Local Favorite

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For nearly 10 years, Fresh Bakery has been a staple for all things baked goods and sweets in the Owings Mills area. Whether you’re in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, a custom cake for your next special occasion, or a pie for the holiday table, this bakery can do it all.

Cupcakes are the specialty here, as the complement basic cupcake flavors with a rotating lineup of creative options. And get this: The cupcakes are square shaped! Favorite flavors include Martha's Vineyard Strawberry with Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Cake, Palm Beach Coconut, and the Cape Cod Carrot Cake. Each season they bring in new favorites, so every time you visit you’ll be able to try something new!

Beyond cupcakes, Fresh Bakery serves cinnamon rolls with pecans, chocolate mousse, and much more. If you’re lucky they’ll have a slice of sweet potato cake available—it’s always earning rave reviews. Try it for yourself and you will be hooked! 

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