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Create Your Own Autumn Decor at the Fall DIY Workshop

A vibrant autumn pumpkin. A flower-stuffed mason jar. A ghostly creature spelling out the word “Boo!” These are the fall-inspired crafts you’ll learn how to make at the Fall DIY Workshop—all using a simple main material: string. A seasoned crafter—named, fittingly enough, Stephanie Strings—will show you how. But first, register for the class online ($30+, depending…

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This Summer, Pay a Visit to Northwest Regional Park

Owings Mills experienced such a growth spurt in the ‘90s (an influx of about 24,000 residents) that its parks and recreation department decided they needed to create more outdoor space to accommodate the newcomers. That’s why they established Northwest Regional Park, a 322-acre enclave on the western fringes of Owings Mills. The sprawling park boasts many…

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Explore the Savory Side of Crepes at Sofi’s

When you hear “crepes,” you might think of a sweet creation stuffed with bananas and Nutella. The creative chefs at Sofi’s Crepes are here to shatter your preconceived notions about what a crepe should be. Although you will find the banana-and-Nutella crepe on the menu—AKA the “Nutty Banana”—it also encompasses a huge variety of other…

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