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BurgerFi Debuts a New Location in Towson, Just Moments From Owings Park

BurgerFi Debuts a New Location in Towson, Just Moments From Owings Park

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You might think that a burger is something simple: patty, bun, lettuce, tomato, onion, and maybe some cheese. But a good burger can be so much more than that. High-quality ingredients (beef, bread, and everything in between), the perfect sides, and a delicious dessert craft the most indulgent burger you can imagine. Best of all, you don’t need to invest in your own grill or head to the grocery store to enjoy that ideal burger—you only need to order from BurgerFi Towson, the area’s newest go-to spot for delicious burgers, delivered to your door or dining downtown.

BurgerFi’s generous portions and specialty combinations aren’t the only qualities that make their menu special. From its 2011 start in Florida, they’ve expanded to over 100 franchise locations around the world with a focus on fresh, sustainable flavors. They aim for high standards on not only their burgers but in chicken, hot dogs, veggie burgers, sides, and desserts. Whether you try the classic BurgerFi cheeseburger, bite into a plant-based Beyond Burger, or sip from a strawberry shake, a trip to Towson’s new addition will change your life: any other burger experience just won’t seem the same if it’s not a BurgerFi experience.


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