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Take Your Pick of Creative Rolls at Sushi Q2

Take Your Pick of Creative Rolls at Sushi Q2

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Don’t let its unassuming location in the plaza on Dolfield Boulevard fool you; Sushi Q2 serves some of the best Japanese food in Owings Mills, and has a loyal fan following to prove it. They get exceptionally high marks both for their inventive and fresh sushi and their authentic hot entrees.

 The menu is massive, and it will take you a while to wade through. Sushi Q2 has so many rolls that they are alphabetized for easy reading, in addition to plenty of appetizers, hibachi, noodle dishes, and more. Sushi Q2 does a great lunch business, and offer sushi lunch specials complete with salad and soup, or smaller lunch portions of just about their entire entrée offering. The service is also exceptionally friendly thanks to chef and owner Kenny. 

Sushi Q2 is open seven days a week, and is roomy enough that getting a table is no problem no matter when you visit.

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