Grab Lunch or Catering From The Gourmet Girls

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If you can’t make it yourself, get it from The Gourmet Girls! This popular lunch spot and catering service makes home cooked food with a gourmet twist. Stop into their storefront on Easter Court in Owings Mills for a sit-down or grab and go meal like you would make at home (if you were so inclined). 

Pick and choose from the hot bar, or order one of their weekly specials like white chicken chili, the classic reuben, or jumbo shrimp salad. There is a full house menu to choose from as well, and features endless options of specialty sandwiches, salads, and more. If catering is what you need, The Gourmet Girls should be your first choice. They have dozens of options, from noshes and nibbles to a full backyard barbecue, and everything is impressively presented and exceptionally fresh. Visit their website to see the themed catering packages they offer, or to preview the menu for your next breakfast or lunch visit. 

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