Stock Up On Healthy Dips and More at Hummus Corner

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Want to make something taste better? Put a little hummus on it. Perhaps that doesn’t work for everything, but it sure adds a lot of flavor to the Mediterranean dishes at Hummus Corner. 

This fast-casual spot has a couple of varieties of their signature chick pea spread, and you can get it straight with pita, or in one of their toasted pita wraps, savory bowls, or classic platters. The portions are generous, and the flavors are authentic, especially in menu items like the chicken shawarma, falafel platter, and baba ghanouj. Hummus Corner also sells large servings of their dips for when you want to stock your fridge with healthful grab-and-go snacks, or when you’re entertaining and need crowd-pleasing dips. 

Find Hummus Corner on Lakeside Boulevard in Owings Mills at the end of the Weis Market plaza. 

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