Now Open Near Owings Park: Asian Kebab and Hot Pot

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Since it opened in September, Asian Kebab and Hot Pot in Timonium has been steadily expanding its operations and enhancing its reputation among locals. Drawing on the rich traditions of Chinese cuisine, but infusing the experience with modern energy and style, this new spot on York Road has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews on sites like Yelp. The sleek and attractive dining room makes this an appealing spot for a casual date or lunch meeting, while online ordering makes it a breeze to place a take-out or delivery order.

The menu is organized into two major categories: barbecue/kebab and hot pot soups, both of which you cook yourself right at the table. Kebab selections include options like black pepper beef or curry chicken, while hot pot offerings allow you to choose your broth base, meat, noodles, and mix-ins. If it's your first time, stop by for the $12.95 all-you-can-eat lunch special to get a sense of the kitchen's range.

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