Expect Fresh Seafood at Shaking Crab, Now Open in Owings Mills

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At Shaking Crab, the fresh, local ingredients are evident in each dish and every bite. This seafood restaurant, which recently debuted in Owings Mills, proudly sources its ingredients from local markets to ensure optimal freshness. Shaking Crab knows it's not just about the food, but the service, too. Here, an emphasis is placed on fast, friendly service, so don't hesitate to ask an employee for a recommendation from the menu!

Early favorites at Shaking Crab include the lobster tail, which has been described as hot and delicious. Pair it with potatoes and shaking sauce for a delicious mixture of flavors, spices, and textures. The scallops are also recommended, as well as the king crab legs. The bar at Shaking Crab is a great place to hang back and relax, with the chicken wings being another staple of the menu. Be sure to stop by during happy hour for discounts at the bar!

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