Now Open Near Owings Park: Pan Plano Kitchen

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Pan Plano Kitchen is a new, fast-casual restaurant in Owing Mills that’s already popular among locals. Specializing in flatbread pizzas and salads, Pan Plano prides itself on using fresh, natural ingredients and providing a healthier alternative to pizza. 

The flatbread dough is made right at the restaurant and comes in four different flavors: plain, herb, sundried tomato, and cauliflower. The flatbread offerings are diverse and there’s something for everyone, from spicy Italiano to BLT and taste of the sea. The shrimp flatbread, which is made with shrimp, pesto sauce, sundried tomato, mozzarella, and basil, is one of the most popular items on the menu. 

There’s also four salads to choose from, including a smoked trout salad, which has rave reviews. Customers say the dressing in particular is amazing. There’s also an array of fresh juices,including carrot and ginger, and rosey punch. 

Conveniently located in Metro Centre, Pan Plano does have seating if you’d like to eat in. The restaurant also offers online ordering and free delivery. 


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