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Have You Tried the Hawaiian Salmon Burger at BurgerIM?

Have You Tried the Hawaiian Salmon Burger at BurgerIM?

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The kitchen team at BurgerIM isn’t afraid to break from tradition when it comes to crafting their sandwiches. While some of their burgers feature patties of classic Angus beef, others might not really be considered burgers at all by staunch foodies—at least the ones filled with proteins such as salmon, chicken, or even falafel.

If you want to try one of the unconventional “burgers,” sink your teeth into the Hawaiian salmon sandwich. It’s stuffed with a quarter-pound salmon “patty,” plus pineapple, red cabbage slaw, ginger vinaigrette, and barbecue glaze. When you’re craving chicken, try the crispy chicken sandwich crowned with house sauce, caramelized onions, mixed greens, pickles, and buffalo sauce. When you’d rather go meat-free, the falafel burger showcases a crispy patty of ground chickpeas embellished with tahini sauce, baby greens, Roma tomato, shaved onions, and pickles.

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