Bite Into a Rectangular Pie at Underground Pizza, Now Open Near Owings Park

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You could say that Underground Pizza has something of a following—its Instagram boasts more than 3,000 followers, an unusual milestone for a humble local pizza shop to achieve. But Underground Pizza isn’t your average pizzeria. Its team crafts a limited amount of its signature rectangle pizzas every day, so you’re encouraged to pre-order via that popular Instagram page or text.

The newly opened outpost of Underground Pizza on Kelly Ave offers 10 artisan pies to pick from. Some are simple, like the Classic with cheese and a drizzle of fresh red sauce, or the pie topped with creamy house-made pesto featuring local basil. Others are more unusual, like the Funfetti. It’s covered with half red sauce, half pesto, and showcases peppers and onions sauteed in pork fat over chunks of spicy Italian sausage. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try the Cherry Bomb with fresh cherries, smoked pork belly, and goat cheese.

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