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Property Logo at Owings Park Apartments, Owings Mills
Hue Cafe and Apothecary Serves Vegetarian Fare in Owings Mills

Hue Cafe and Apothecary Serves Vegetarian Fare in Owings Mills

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Lattes infused with lemon balm and vanilla spice. Pasta tossed in black garlic sauce and herbs. Freshly baked hoagies stuffed with plant-based steak and vegan cheese. These are the kinds of unexpected menu items that are par for the course at Hue Cafe and Apothecary. The vegan restaurant recently made its debut in Owings Mills, much to the delight of health-conscious customers. They love that everything on the menu is totally free of animal products, including eggs and milk, instead enlisting healthy and eco-friendly stand-ins. The faux steak sub is a fan favorite, loaded with sauteed strips of “steak,” onions, and peppers, plus mayo, lettuce, tomato, and banana peppers—all smothered with the dairy-free CHEZZ. Craving wings? Dig into the deep-fried cauliflower florets with brown sugar-buffalo or garlic-herb sauce. And for a sweet treat, the banana pudding or fresh chocolate chunk cookies are always delicious options. Wash down your meal with the Lady Hibiscus iced tea or an iced Lemon Bar Chai latte. If you’re feeling under the weather, order one of the therapeutic hot teas to-go, like the Soothe Tummy or Liquid Vitamin—the former features lemon balm and slippery elm, and the latter is packed with vitamin C.

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