Enjoy a Taste of New Orleans at Rock & Toss Crab House

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The classic crawfish boil makes its way from New Orleans to Owings Mills at the just-opened Rock & Toss Crab House. True to Southern tradition, customers can build their own boils from the bottom up, and then the kitchen team steams them in a plastic bag. Your server will bring the entire bag to your table—you’re invited to just tear it open and dig in with your hands.

The chef begins each boil with a base of red baby potatoes and corn on the cob, but you pick and choose everything else. Start by selecting your main type of seafood, from the classic crawfish to blue crabs, shrimp, and baby clams. Feel free to add more than one variety with the combo option. Then pick a seasoning, such as the original Cajun or the garlic butter. Finally, choose a level of spiciness (from non-spicy to hot) and add on extras such as broccoli or coleslaw. If you’re not interested in the seafood boil, the menu offers alternatives like fried seafood baskets, wings, and even fresh oysters.

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