Georgia Peach Serves Up a Taste of the South Near Owings Park

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You’ve been cooking at home more than ever lately, but it’s likely you haven’t had home cooking like the food at Georgia Peach. This local gem makes the comforting dishes you love, but they are somehow so much delicious than what you create on your own. Choose from classics like baked or fried chicken, slow roasted turkey, or delicate fish as a lunch special with sides or as a full dinner entrée. Georgia Peach’s fine Southern cuisine is rich and familiar, while still being elevated and refined. 

As part of the restaurant’s takeout option during the COVID crisis, Georgia Peach offers small or large sides to fill your refrigerator. Load up on candied yams, collard greens, and mac & cheese to make sure you have an instant side dish or quick lunch any time you need it. Georgia Peach has two local outposts, with the nearby New Town spot in Owings Mills open seven days a week for lunch or dinner. Give them a call today!

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