Take a DIY Approach to Dinner at CAVA, Now Open Near Owings Park

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Come in and enjoy an authentic taste of Greece at CAVA, located in Owings Mills. If you love authentic Greek food, you will surely enjoy the spread at CAVA, as the chefs are 100% Greek and 100% committed to making your dining experience rocks! They offer a menu that is completely customizable and gives you the ability to really, truly make it your own. To begin, choose a base for your bowl of goodness, which includes options such as greens, rice, pita, or salad mix, then you add your protein; choose from lamb meatballs, grilled chicken, white sweet potato, roasted veggies, or braised lamb. Finally, select your sauce, choosing between yogurt dill, garlic, Greek vinaigrette, tahini Caesar, and more. CAVA is open daily, so you can return time and time again to design new culinary creations with a Mediterranean twist!

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