Explore Native Flora and Fauna at Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area

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If you love adventure and feeling at one with nature, then you will absolutely adore the serenity of Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area. This park in Owings Mills is full of historic wonders, nature trails, and endangered plant species, making it the perfect spot to go on a nature hike and maybe even learn a little more about plant species native to our area. With over 1,900 acres of serpentine barren land, this park is home to 39 different threatened and endangered species of plant life. The hiking trails make it more desirable and easy to follow through the park as you make your way around nature and observe its beautiful habitat. We also recommend bringing the kids and letting them get a glimpse at nature and the different plant species that may not exist when they grow up. Whatever it is that piques your interest in the outdoors, we can assure you that you’ll enjoy a unique outdoor adventure at Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area!

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