Practice Safe Shopping at the Wegmans in Owings Mills

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Calling the Wegmans in Owings Mills a grocery store really doesn’t do it justice. Sure, the grocer has all the staples you know and love for a well-stocked refrigerator and pantry, but there’s so much more. Hit the hot food bar for a satisfying lunch, get a cold-pressed juice, or use the Burger Bar like a gourmet eatery on the go. Wegmans features lots of organic produce, gluten-free and other specialty packaged goods, a Kosher deli, and a plentiful meat and seafood department as well. 

In a time when you want to make one stop to get everything you need, Wegmans is the answer. The grocers are also taking the recent health concerns especially seriously, with revised hours to clean and restock shelves, plus other precautions to keep valued guests safe. The Owings Mills location has plenty of space to keep your distance from other patrons, and it features an in-store pharmacy for any medication needs. Visit the website for up to date hours, and practice safe shopping! 

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